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Philadelphia Weight Loss Doctor's TIps

Philadelphia's leading medical weight loss Doctors gives you an overview of a healthy meal plan for losing weight and getting healthy.

Wanting to lose weight fast may cause you to take action without worrying about the side effects. People are quick to do liquid diets for the fact that you will lose weight quickly, but also because it will remove toxins from the body. Not knowing the side effects and health endangerment this type of diet causes, here’s what you need to know and understand before starting a liquid diet:
  • Deprives you from carbohydrates causing energy loss. Some people may think cutting carbohydrates out of your diet a good choice. But to keep your energy up and going you’ll need to keep whole grain carbohydrates in your daily meals (oats, bran, whole wheat bread). You may not know carbohydrates help prevent type-2 diabetes. Not enough carbohydrates due to your liquid diet may cause your blood sugar to fluctuate, resulting in fatigue and dizziness. Which could also make it possible for you to develop heart disease if you choose to always go with the liquid fasting diet.
  • Loss of beneficial fiber as well as digestion issues. Liquid diets cause you to lose a lot of beneficial fiber, which messes up the main functions of this certain nutrient in your body. With the loss of water-soluble fiber you won't be able to prevent high cholesterol. Limits the amount of LDL cholesterol in your body as well as insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber helps prevent constipation, pushing waste to your colon. This side effect is important to know because being deprived of these fibers can lead to digestion problems along with high cholesterol.
  • Become malnutrition. Using the liquid diet method causes you to limit your calorie intake. Which also reduces the amount of nutrients you’re supposed to consume. Leading you to lose the healthy function of your organs and immune system. Keep a lookout for any difference in your heart rhythm and gallbladder issues. Any of those problems could be fatal. You’ll know you’re dangerously malnourished if you have digestive problems, sensitive to cold, have brittle nails, as well as fatigue.
  • Loss of protein and muscle. Becoming deprived of protein, you’ll notice muscle loss. It’s important to know your heart, respiratory and immune system become weak. Which significantly increases your chance for developing heart problems. As for your immune system, if it becomes weak fighting of disease becomes impossible.
If you ever think about starting a liquid diet plan, please consult with your physician first. Become aware of the dangerous, unhealthy side effects this diet has and choose what would be best for you.
Here are some tasty recipe to help you on you weight loss plan.

3 mugs boiling water
6 tea bags
1/2 mug sugar
3 mugs cranberry juice mixed drink
3/4 mugs newly pressed lemon juice
In a big bottle, put boiling water over tea bags. Cover and also high for 5 minutes.
Get rid of tea bags and also mix in sugar. Include cranberry, lemon juice as well as allow cool.
Offer over ice as well as garnish with lemon peel spins if preferred.

2 mugs warm eco-friendly tea
1/3 mug sugar
4 mugs water
1/3 mug black or light pudding pearls
4 mugs cubed melon of your selection
4 mugs ice
2 mugs orange juice
1/3 mug bitter tinned coconut milk
big size straws.( optional).
Huge straws and also pudding pearls could be discovered in exquisite or in Oriental grocery store.
Integrate eco-friendly tea and also sugar. Mix till liquified as well as alloted.
Over high warm bring water to steam in a tool pan, Include pudding pearls.
Mixing carefully permit pearls to drift up leading. Decrease warm to drained as well as simmer exposed.
for 25 minutes. Eliminate from warmth and also allow stand in water for one more 25 minutes. or till pearls are.
crunchy and also clear. Drain pipes as well as wash under chilly water. Include pearls as well as sweetened.
Functioning in sets, area melon, ice dices, orange juice as well as coconut milk in blender or food processor. Location 1/4 mug pudding combination in base of big glass; fill with melon combination and also offer with straws.

4 tea bags.
1 mug boiling water.
1/2 mug honey.
1/4 mug smashed jam-packed fresh mint leaves.
1 mug orange juice.
3/4 mug pineapple juice.
1/4 mug fresh lime juice.
For concentrate, location tea bags in tool dish. Include boiling water and also high 10 minutes.
Eliminate tea bags, include honey as well as mint; mix well. Mix fruit juice in quart container as well as tea.
combination. (cool till prepared to utilize) For tea, fil 12 ounce glass with ice. Include.
1/2 mug tea concentrate as well as fill glass with carbonated water. Garnish with a pineapple spear and also.
mint sprig.

3 1/2 mugs water.
2 black tea bags.
4 tbsps sugar.
1/4 tsp almond essence or vanilla.
1 tbsp split second pudding.
4 tbsps milk.
Bring water to steam in tool pan over high warmth. Put 2 mugs boiling water over tea bags.
in teapot or 2 mug heatproof determining mug. Steep tea for 4 mins or up until really dark. Eliminate.
Include pudding to staying 1 1/2 mug boiling water; boil to 3-4 minutes over tool high warm till pudding is transparent and also prepared with. Drain pipes pudding, rinse under cool water till cool.
Load each glass 3/4 complete with ice. Separate tea in between glasses and also mix to integrate.

Take 1/4 mug pudding mix in base of huge glass; fill with melon combination as well as offer with straws. (cool till prepared to utilize) For tea, fil 12 ounce glass with ice dices. Steep tea for 4 mins or up until really dark. Include pudding to continuing to be 1 1/2 mug boiling water; boil to 3-4 minutes over tool high warmth up until pudding is transparent and also prepared via. Split tea in between glasses and also mix to integrate.

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